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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q) How safe will our pet be whilst staying with you?

A) Extremely safe. The facilities are well secured and fully alarmed.

Q) Can we bring our own bedding, toys, treats and food?

A) Of course you can if you so wish. We appreciate that like humans, pets can sometimes prefer nothing more than going to sleep in their own bed, so we are happy for you to bring in your own bedding for them to get a good nights rest. That also applies to their home comforts such as treats, toys and food.

Q) Does our pet need to be vaccinated?

A) Yes. As a licensed kennels and cattery it is mandatory that all pets staying with us are fully vaccinated. Although its not an essential requirement, we do also recommend that all dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough and cats are vaccinated against cat flu.

Q) Do you charge for giving medication to our pet?

A) No. We appreciate that pets can have conditions that need to be treated and do not discriminate by charging you extra to keep your beloved pet in the best health possible.

Q) Do you take all breeds of dogs?

A) Yes, we take all legal breeds of dogs. 

Q) Who do you use if our pet has any health issues?

A) We always use your own vet, as they understand your dog’s history and can provide them with the best care. We also request a contact number so that we can keep you informed.

Q) Will our pets come into contact with other pets?

A) No, we ensure that all pets are boarded separately.

Q) Can we have more than one pet stay together?

A) Yes, provided that they are from the same household we are happy for them to be together in the same spacious accommodation.

Q) How do you charge for our pets stay?

A) Rates are on a daily basis including the day of arrival and the day of departure. (See our pricing page for more info).

Q) Will our cat be in close proximity to the dogs?

A) No, the Cattery is situated over 250 yards away from the kennels.

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